Thursday, 22 September 2011

Book apps!

Apologies for the lack of news updates... i have been streaming updates on twitter recently and will be using this page to discuss news further.

One thing I would like to mention is the increasing use of apps for books these days. I discovered just recently that childrens picture book apps are on the rise, particularly seen with Penguin and now Hodder Children's Books.

The great thing about apps for children is that it allows them to engage with the book, have the book read to them and interact with the animations. I am very fond of the me books app that uses this well. Penguin has worked with them to create amazing apps that even allows a child to select a character and record their own message attached to it, therefore when they click on it, they hear their own voice. It allows them to use their imagination while reading a story. It really is amazing. It is just like those birthday cards you get where your friend records a message for you... it has the surprise factor.

Hodder Children's Books has also come out with an app for Hugless Douglas which also has games.
The publishing houses are definately in touch with the app market, but one thing my mother brings up is how many children have an ipad? Definately something to think about... their parents do... but who knows, maybe soon enough there will be enough ipads to go around. I don't have one simply because I don't find the need for it, but there is a market and the app also allows children to read along, which in the long term could teach them how to read, speak and develop much faster.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Google introduces a blogger app!

I knew this was bound to happen.. google has finally brought out a blogger app! This is my first test post from the app, so we will see how it goes.

Two problems i have already found is you can't add a hyperlink and you cant design the layout of your text and images. But why not give it a go!

To read more on it follow this link:

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Using Instagram in publishing

Instagram is a popular mobile photo app that allows users to share photos and enhance them with fun and retro filters. It has been around for a while and we are seeing increase use of it in different industries, most commonly with magazines, tv channels and the fashion industry. In fact, Justin Bieber is also using it, sharing photos while on the road and anything he finds interesting. I think Instagram is a great tool that should be used in publishing, for authors to send clues to fans on new books coming out, on random thoughts, inspirations etc. It allows fans to understand the author better and it is not an alien as following them on their website or facebook page. Twitter has been a great tool at this point for authors to engage with readers, and so I think Instagram could be used with it to engage with readers one step further... in fact, not all readers use twitter and Instagram photos can be published anywhere! So if you are an author or aspiring writer, Id advise you to check out Instagram and see what you think.

And if you think you take bad photos, believe me, Instagram can turn any horrible photographer into a genious! Plus if you install additional photo apps, you can play around with your photos even more.

My personal and blog Instagram photos:


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Monday, 1 August 2011

O2 launch priority moments... W H Smith jumps on board!

Not exactly todays news... but nevertheless, something I found interesting. As O2 launched priority moments... which I have already downloaded from the app store to my phone, W H Smith has announced they will be running offers to reach millions of new customers. The current offer is a pick of the week book at half price. W H Smith is currently the first and only bookseller that will be working with O2, however in time I am sure we will see Waterstones try to match this benefit.
More info at the bookseller.